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The Law Office of David R. Baron specializes in real estate law, including conveyancing, development, condominium conversions, leasing, tax abatement and exemption litigation, easements and restrictions (including conservation restrictions), and representation of individuals and developers in the purchase, sale, and financing of real estate. Our practice mainly covers three broad, sometimes overlapping areas:

Counseling — When you are thinking of buying or selling a home, we like to get involved early in the process to answer your questions, demystify the process, and advise you of potential legal pitfalls. We review offers to purchase and provide counsel on the various contingencies that may be included in the offer. We recommend strategy in the negotiation process and help you decide how to handle any issues that may arise from your home inspection. Our role is to give you the benefit of our legal experience in all phases of a transaction or dispute, to help you make the right decisions that advance your interests.

Other areas of practice under this category include advising on the drafting or revision of condominium documents, negotiations over easements and deed restrictions, and tax abatements.

Conveyancing — Our office can help you through all the steps involved in the transfer of legal ownership of property. We draft, review, and record all of the necessary title documents. We review title examinations and initiate steps to correct any title defects. Our office confers with any lenders you are working with to arrange funding and/or payoff mechanisms. We will attend closing with you (or on your behalf) to ensure that everything goes as expected and that your interests are protected.

Litigation — Sometimes, deals go wrong. If you have recently bought or sold property, or have entered into an agreement to do so, and feel that you may have been mistreated, we can advise you of the law and what avenues of redress may be available. If you are in a dispute with a neighbor or your condo association, we can negotiate on your behalf. Our litigation practice also handles matters involving boundary disputes, tax abatement and exemption, easement and right-of-way issues, and condominium-related disputes.

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